Minggu, 15 November 2009

Award in the Blue Nowhere

Greetings, everyone! Wow, lately I've been in rough days...while making sure to write something in this blog, I'm ended up stuck to finish my current jobs But, here comes something cool... Here is the award, and hereby I deeply thank to mastergomaster, who's kindly gave me this precious thing (thanx dear!) Sure it stimulates me to create more posts! But before, I want to state "How to accept this award":

♣ must thank the person who give you this award
♣ display the award logo
♣ nominates up to 9 bloggers that make you feel comfy and warm inside
♣ link to your nominees
♣ let them know they have nominated by tagging or commenting I'll give this memento to my pals... some to motivate them to be more HARDCORE in their blog...and some to really appreciate them that their blog inspired me so much .
Ok, here they are:

~ belajar otomotif
~ vinn blog
~ rainy-aikidoka
~ sulthan yusuf
~ belajar hidup sehat
~ ajar ngeblog
~ belajar beladiri
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